17 June 2012

"Moose Milk" ~ lovely hot drink for a cold and blustery June day!

I just wanted to tell you about a wonderful drink I have just enjoyed which might be called, “Moose Milk”.  On the other hand it might not because I have read all sorts of recipes for it from just condensed milk in hot water to ice cream mixed with rum and Kahlua to a liquid that comes out of a mummy moose’s nipples, would you believe!   The version I made is just 50:50 condensed milk and dark rum topped up with hot water.  Absolutely perfect on a cold and blustery June day!

Almost Instant Vietnamese Coffee Sorbet

Whilst writing I’ll just mention what I did with some leftover Ca Phe Sua Da from yesterday - an experiment, well two actually.  I froze it to see if it would make acceptable ice lollies; it would.  I then puréed the frozen mixture to see if it would make acceptable coffee sorbet; it did so I ate it.  Who wouldn't?

In the background you can just see our resident alien – he may be one of Them, or perhaps a self portrait by one of the of the Ood.  We’re never alone.
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