9 June 2012

Startlingly Good Spicy Butternut Squash Mayonnaise!

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Toasted Chicken Sarnie with Roasted Butternut Mayonnaise
White Wine Spritzer

Sorry I haven’t written for a while – I’ve been too busy dancing round the room yodelling.

I have been eating, of course, but have had nothing interesting to report … until today.

Last night I made myself a roasted butternut squash and chorizo pizza which I very much enjoyed (mixed grill for my menfolk).  For how to roast the squash see Roasted Butternut Squash with Sweet Onion and Chilli  then put it on top of your favourite pizza base with chopped chorizo and Feta or Boursin and pop in a hot oven for a few minutes.  I had this much butternut left over.

 Today, trying to think what to eat with my leftover squash, I found a little bit of roast chicken leftover from a recent meal and inspirations struck.  I put the leftover squash together with all the bits of onion, chilli flakes and juices into the food processor added a goodly dollop of mayo and gave it a whiz.  I so recommend this!  It is well worth buying and roasting butternut squash just to make this mayonnaise.  

So then lunch was a doddle ...

… as was dessert or “lunch pudding” as my sister and I call it.  I take my homemaking responsibilities seriously and no-one wants to see the freezer cluttered up with random bits and pieces.  Just a little strawberry ice cream was left so I though I ought to eat it.

 What is round and bad tempered?

I am pleased to see that visits to my blog are rising steadily but, of course, I am never satisfied; constantly checking in the hope that the figures have risen since 10 minutes ago.    I also scroll down to see what people are searching for; helps with keywords don’tcha know.  I see that someone recently found my blog using the search “what is round and bad tempered” which surprises me as this is neither an entirely accurate description of me nor something about which I consider myself an expert.  I suppose it must be a vicious circle but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned one.  I wonder what happened.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

I would never have thought to have whizzed up leftover butternut with some mayonnaise. I take my hat off to your natural ingenuity!

As for the search term - all I can do is offer up a ~gallic shrug~ as it's beyond me why it should have applied to you!

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Thanks Jenny x

My real man always says "garlic shrug"!

Jenny Eatwell said...


By the way - I "liked" this page in StumbledUpon, so you never know, your page views might accelerate a bit faster. :)

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Thank you so much, Jenny!

Iris said...

Wow that butternut mayo looks delish!