Travelling with my Sourdough

I don’t know if anyone noticed but I haven’t written a blog post for about 2 months, my apologies. I have several varied reasons amongst which are ...

~   I have been a bit of slacker, 
~   Taking long walks in bluebell woods,

Cornish bluebells

~   My favourite reason – we have been travelling around visiting friends and family for a few weeks. It was so good to catch up with everyone but particularly exciting to meet my new great niece Amelia - she's lovely, incidentally!

Actually, all my nieces are lovely but Amelia is the first child of the next generation in our family and we are all delighted.

Have Sourdough will Travel

As we were away for a few weeks I took my sourdough starter with me, keeping it in a cool box on the road, taking up room in everyone’s fridges, feeding it and sharing out a bit here and there. I brought it home in perfect health (whilst the stuff I had left in the fridge to see how it got on had, sadly, not survived and had made a helluva pong!).

I have been making sourdough bread ever since my friend Carol gave me half of her sourdough starter over 18 months ago but, after a while, had stopped feeding it between loaves.  It seemed so wasteful throwing out half the dough every day, so I just fed the remaining starter when I split it to make a loaf.

sourdough mother

The bread turns out fine, indeed more than fine, but I’ve decided to return to feeding it on a daily basis, at least for a while, so that I can play with the other half rather than discarding it.

homemade sourdough bread

I have already made sourdough pizza which worked well but now want to branch out somewhat  – so hopefully I will stop being a slacker and write again soon with my results.

sourdough pizza base

See you later!