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Creative Ways to use Up Leftovers  

I wrote this book out of sheer irritation! 

Seeing so much food waste, so much delicious food being thrown away, I decided to tell people what to do with it, so to speak!

Incidentally this is the second edition, it used to be called The Leftovers Handbook!

Luscious Ice Creams without a Machine ... or much time or effort or having to mash the stuff as it freezes!

This is the quickest and easiest way ever to make real rich, creamy no churn dairy ice cream ~ no machine needed, no hard work just mix it, pop it in the freezer and forget it!

SOUP (almost) the Only Recipe You'll Ever Need

I'd like to introduce my excellent, incredibly easy, flexible and all round good guy soup recipe. Almost every soup I have made in both my professional capacity and at home has been based on this recipe which needs no soup maker, no slow cooker, just a knife, a board and a pan with a lid!

The Secret Life of Scones: there's so very much more to this  simple recipe than perhaps you realise!

Not only can it be varied to create any sweet or savoury scone, American biscuit, griddle cake or rock bun you can think of, not only is it the base recipe for many traditional and ancient dishes but it also makes lovely fluffy dumplings, crisp doughnuts, cobblers, turnovers, pie crusts and more.

500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques: No Silly Hacks!

Over the many years (I’m quite old) that I have been cooking both at home and professionally I have assembled a great number of helpful cooking tips and ideas, over 500 of which I have assembled in my book 500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques: No Silly Hacks!
Yule be Glad you Read This! Catering for Christmas can be time consuming, tiring and a bit stressy, so I thought I’d offer some suggestions to make it quicker, easier, more relaxed and perhaps more impressive!

Food for Love: Eat your Way to a Better Sex Life ~ Win/WinSituation!

I have written this small ebook on a very important subject – aphrodisiacs!  After a fair bit of research these seem to me to be the most convincing aphrodisiac foods.

Easy Ways to Pimp your Food

Whether you are a brilliant chef, a good home cook or prone to buying in ready-made here are loads of cunning ruses which can make your food more attractive (and therefore some would say easier to digest), more impressive, more delicious and generally more enjoyable.

Sorbets and Granitas

This is a companion volume to Luscious Ice Creams without a Machine (above) giving 40 or more sorbet and granita recipes that, whilst also not needing an ice cream machine, use a different key recipe. Also included are serving suggestions and what to do with leftovers!

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