22 June 2012

Sautéed Shrimp in Chilli & Lime Butter Sauce

This really is a short post - I have just eaten a most delicious meal which took me maybe 5 minutes to make and is something I often do when I am lucky enough to have shrimp or prawns.  It occurs to me that I really should pass this easy peasy idea on.

Sautéed Shrimp in Chilli & Lime Butter Sauce (or some such name)

a goodly handful of raw shrimp or prawns ***
a generous knob of butter
sweet chilli sauce which really should be in your storecupboard 
½ a lime or so

~   Melt the butter, add the shrimp and cook tossing or stirring till pink.
~   Drizzle over a little less sweet chilli sauce than you think you would like.
~   Squeeze over the lime juice.
~   Taste and adjust seasoning adding more chilli sauce as you think fit.

That’s it.  You should end up with your crustaceans bathed a sweet, hot, tangy buttery sauce. Serve with rice, fresh coriander if you happen to have some, and I added a few peas from the veg I was cooking for my real man’s dinner – Toad in the Crevasse

Shrimp vs. Prawns

***  Having lived in a country where American English was prevalent I now get confused about a few words.  Do we say skip or dumpster, trainers or sneakers and are shrimp the same as prawns?  In Tortola shrimp covered the whole gamut of these curly pink decapods but here I have a suspicion the word shrimp refers to the smaller of the specie.  To complicate matters further I’ve just done a bit of research and see that there are there are real biological differences between the two.  No matter, however, this works well for both of them and all sizes so long as you can get them in the pan.


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