20 June 2012

Trash Omelette!

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Trash Omelette
Bit of Red
Sparkling Pear and Ginger Fizz

When I lived in the BVI I sometimes used to have breakfast at De Loose Mongoose which is on the beach just a few watery yards from our boat.  I don’t know if they still do but they used to serve a Trash Omelette, cunningly making it out of whatever they had leftover from the night before.  I thought of them today when I was looked in the fridge and found …

½ red onion

4 thin slices chorizo

1½ cold cooked new potatoes

a smallish piece of red pepper

1 broccoli floret

Small broken off corner of Davidstow Cheddar

… that all pretty well needed using up.  So this is what I did:

~   Thinly sliced the onion and cooked it as per the instructions here – The Best Way to Cook Onions.
~   Coarsely chopped the chorizo and fried it in a little oil till crispy then set it aside.
~   Diced the cold potatoes in the chorizoey oil in the pan till crisp.  As there wasn’t enough oil I added some from my jar of recently roasted garlic.
~   After a while I bunged in the red pepper, coarsely chopped, and the broccoli which I had broken into tiny florets. 
~   When the veggies were just turning tender I stirred in the cooked onion and the crisp chorizo.
~   I whisked together 2 eggs with salt and pepper and a few drips of hot sauce, poured it over the potato mix and cooked the eggs, pushing them in towards the potatoes as I wanted the whole thing to fit on my square black plate!
~   When almost cooked I sprinkled the top with the bit of cheese, grated, and slid the omelette under a hot grill just to melt it and set the runny bits of egg.

Halfway through this last stage I had a too late inspiration – I wish I had sprinkled a handful of panko crumbs on top for crunch, but I didn’t.  Maybe next time. 

The other day we had Pear and Ginger Crumble for pudding: I gently cooked the pears in syrup from the Stem Ginger jar which tasted good but produced Far Too Much Juice.  I kept back about 60ml and drank it today topped up with fizzy water.  I’ve done this before with juice leftover from cooking rhubarb and no doubt I will do it again – makes a pleasant change in the drinks department.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

Today, I made a Spiced Satsuma & Cranberry Chilled Soup for New Covent Garden's Christmas soup challenge. Had way too much cranberry puree left over - and we've kept it to add to lemonade in exactly the same way as your juice. :) Your omelette looks like the sort of thing I regularly make for lunch, except hubby calls them my "grey omelettes" because often they'll end up that colour! I have to say, yours looks a lot more presentable! :)

Suzy said...

You man sounds as complimentary as mine! My sister and I used to make a "cream of mushroom soup" as it said on the menu but in the kitchen it was known as Cream of Grey.

Jenny Eatwell said...

Oh that's nothing! A previous boyfriend used to call my Tomato & Sausage casserole "Monkey's Afterbirth" - which rather put me off making it. LOL