219 (and then some!) Brilliant Ideas for Leftovers

I have just updated the page on my book on leftovers, have a look here Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers

On the original page I had included several (or maybe even many!) links to posts on Sudden Lunch concerning leftovers and I don’t want to waste them, so I’m listing them here instead!

don't just reheat leftovers, make something new from them

Of all the foods in the world leftovers are my favourite ingredient and using them my favourite way to cook.  If I find myself with random bits and pieces to use up I am delighted and often inspired; I enjoy the challenge of making them into a good meal and then I enjoy eating it! 

This is a fun and economical way of discovering new ideas and dishes; sometimes the result of playing with leftovers is so pleasing that the end product becomes a regular dish.

I mention leftovers in many, many Sudden Lunch posts, here is a list of the main ones, in no particular order! 

     ~   Recycled Biscuit Cake

     ~    Cold Porridge ~Yum! (Seriously) 

     ~   You’ve Got to try this with Stollen!

     ~   7 Ways to Use Leftover Polenta 

     ~   What to do with Leftover Soup!  

     ~   Ideas for Leftover Pâté 

     ~   15 Ways to Use (Not) Leftover Honey 

     ~   10 Delicious Ideas for Leftover Asparagus 

     ~   How to Use Leftover Easter Eggs 

     ~   10 Interesting Ways to Use Pastry Scraps plus a Boring One

     ~   8 and a Bit Ways to Cope with an "Unwanted" Bottle of Port

     ~   How to Use Every Part of a Chicken

     ~   9 Ideas for Leftover Baked Potatoes plus Fartes de Batatas!

     ~   15 Ideas for Marzipan Trimmings 

     ~   Ideas for Leftover Haggis including a Few Sensible Ones! 

     ~   64 Ideas for Leftover Cheese plus a Joke!

     ~   7 (+) Interestingly Different Ideas for Leftover Bread

     ~   Got Leftover Hot Cross Buns Lurking about the Place?

     ~   There is No Excuse for Discarding One's Banana

     ~   50+ Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Leftovers 

     ~   Hamming Around with Prosciutto Scraps!

     ~   18 Ways to Use Up "Leftover Wine" ~ Deliciously! 🍷 Cheers!

I'll probably add more as I remember or write them so save this page and check back occasionally!

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