31 January 2012

Me and my Inner Greedy Pig!

~  Menu  ~

A lovely breakfast
~ and then ~
Potato & Green Chilli Fritter with Salted Cashews
White Wine Spritzer

This morning I found a few little pieces of Stollen and 2 mince pies in a tin in the back of the cupboard, maybe the last of the Christmas leftovers!  I was going to make bread pudding with the stolen but then, having no particular breakfast in mind, decided to experiment and, to be frank, my experiment was based on something I read on the internet a while back on Good Food Shared   I chopped up the Stollen poured over some double cream and baked for about 15 minutes at 375ºF/190ºC/gas 5.  And the result?Gobsmackingly delicious (and rather naughty). 

Undeterred I also had a great lunch.  I have a tendency to cook too many potatoes for dinner and therefore, when wandering about the kitchen looking for lunch inspiration, I found 3 cold cooked potatoes in the fridge.   I nearly threw them out as I can’t remember when I put them in there but my inner greedy pig got the better of me and instead I heated them in the microwave, mashed them with mayo and green chillipickle, made a little cake, coated it in panko crumbs and fried it …

Then I ate it with, as is my wont, with a handful of cashew nuts.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll … I’m so, so, so glad I can cook.  Every day I eat food that is, for me at least, outstandingly delicious (not only can I cook,I also have a big head) yet it costs me very little and takes me hardly any time.  Anyone who doesn't learn this crucial skill is a daftie!

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Jen (emsun.org) said...

I so agree with you! Cooking is easy, cost-effective, and results in delicious meals almost every single time. :)

Jenny Eatwell said...

I absolutely agree. The times that my hubby has gone into the kitchen for lunch and disconsolately wandered back out again, saying "there's nothing there!". Yet I've gone in there and in a few minutes of chopping, slicing and a bit of boiling, have emerged with a bowl of ramen noodles with veggies and an egg!

The difference is, that he's looking for something "instant", I'm looking to use up what needs using. :)

purplestormwitch said...

i always, deliberatly, cook too many potatoes..so many things you can do with them,,,fried up for brekky with an egg, in hash (northern thing!)in a fritatta..which reminds me of when were were on skopelos a few years ago..we went into a little harbourside cafe and decided on the "omlette special"which turned out to be an omlette containing yesterdays left over chips!

M and N said...

That potato cake looks delicious! Cooking is definitely an essential skill, plus it relaxes me! Bonus!