21 December 2014

14 Good Ideas for Marzipan Trimmings

I have just marzipanned our Christmas cake and find I have an unseemly amount of trimmings, This doesn't faze me one little bit because there are so many delicious ways to use the leftovers.  In case you find yourself in a similar situation here are my ideas ...

1.   Cook’s Treatthis is your absolute right so feel free to nibble away to your heart’s content.

2.   Stuffed Datesjust remove the stones from dates (if someone hasn’t done it already) and insert a nugget of marzipan.

3.  Balls (excuse me!)

Santa brought these for my real man last year and he loved them so much I think it will become a tradition. Just roll the leftover marzipan into balls and dip in melted chocolate. This also produces some cooks treats during production.

4.   Marzipan Sculptures  if you are of an artistic bent then make marzipan fruits or other “sculptures” and decorate as appropriate. Just look at these, for instance, I might have a go if I get time. 

5.  Sprinkles  bake little pieces or marzipan in a medium oven, say 180ºC/350°F/160ºC fan/gas 4 ish, until crisp, they won’t take long, then crumble over things such as ice cream or Affogato.

6.  Chewy Marzipan Cookies

To be honest this recipe uses a whole pack of marzipan but you could either halve the recipe or buy a pack specially to make them – because they’re worth it.

2 egg whites
70g-90g icings sugar – sifted
pinch salt
500g marzipan – finely chopped or grated
a little more icing sugar

~   Preheat the oven to 160ºC/325°F/140ºC fan/gas 3.
~   Line 2 baking trays with greaseproof or baking parchment and grease lightly.
~   Whisk the egg whites till pretty damn frothy but not so that you have a meringue situation.
~   Slowly whisk in the sugar, salt and marzipan speed up and whisk to a soft sticky dough which is as smooth as poss.  You may need to add more sugar or, if too firm, perhaps a splash of rum; the texture of bought in marzipan seems to vary quite a lot.
~   Scoop into small balls, roll in icing sugar to coat and place well-spaced (4cm or so apart) on the baking trays, they will spread during cooking.
~   Bake for 20-25 minutes till golden round the edge and cracking on the top.

7.   Easy Peasy No Churn Marzipan Ice Cream

200g white marzipan
500ml double cream
50ml Amaretto or brandy
200g condensed milk

~   Coarsely grate the marzipan and then heat gently with the cream till melted.  Cool to completely cold.
~   Whisk together the marzipanned cream and the liqueur to thick.
~   Fold in the condensed milk plus any inclusions.
~   Freeze.

This recipe comes from my genius no-churn ice cream recipe cookbook which also gives loads of useful information and over 100 recipes including how to make the cherry ice cream in the above ice cream sandwich.

8.   Mince Pies   become even richer and deliciouser with a little grated or finely chopped marzipan added to the mix.

9.   Delicious Frangipane Fruit Tart Thingy – sprinkle the pastry base with chopped marzipan before adding the fruit then bake.

10   Fruit Crumbles

This is my basic crumble mix, which is enough to top about 750g fruit to serve 4 people. Cherries are particularly good for this and clotted cream with it.

240g plain flour
160g cold butter or margarine
120g sugar

~   Preheat the oven to 180ºC/350°F/160ºC fan/gas 4.
~   Rub together the flour and butter till the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
Stir in the sugar (and up to 200g marzipan).
Sprinkle the mixture over raw or cooked fruit in a shallow ovenproof dish.
~   Bake till the fruit is hot (and cooked if using raw) and the crumble is crisp and golden.
~   Serve hot or cold.

11.  Scones – add little flakes of marzipan to the dough together with the butter. If you don’t have a great scone dough recipe I have a genius recipe for them too which also makes great dumplings, doughnuts and all sorts of other things.

12.  Pancakesmy recipe for pancakes is hereWhilst the first side is cooking coarsely grate over some marzipan. This way, when flipped, it will have a chance to soften and go golden without overdoing it.

13. Stollen – I feel I should give a recipe for Stollen here but as I haven’t made it for years ‘n’ years maybe it would be better if you look it up yourself!  Sorry about that!

14.  Save the marzipan till Easter and make Simnel Cake!

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