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We haven’t been food shopping for almost 2 weeks due to the aforementioned bout of ‘flu but I like to think I keep a tight ship, doncha know, so there’s been no problems.  

Today I was a bit lost for something to get me cheerful about lunch but a quick glance in the fridge helped tremendously.

A couple of nights ago I had roasted tomato and chilli soup but still being a little under the weather was so pathetic I left a little.  Really a little; less that 2 tbsp but I couldn’t throw it away.  For some reason, perhaps you are the same, if I throw something away immediately I feel guiltier than if I leave it in the fridge a few days and then throw it away! 

Lunch then was this modicum of soup heated up, 2 eggs broken in plus some chopped fresh coriander, scrambly, scrambly – toasted Ciabatta, red wine.   All’s well.


Handy Tip when making Scrambled Eggs

Incidentally a good tip for making extra delish scrambled egg (which I didn’t do today) is when the egg is just how you want it add a knob of butter or a splash of cream which not only enhances both taste and texture but also cools the eggs down so they don’t keep on cooking whilst you serve them. Scrambled eggs can be buggers that way.  I think that officially this idea is credited to Julia Child although I am sure lots of people must have realised the same thing independently.

what to do with leftover soup

If you click through to the Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe you will find another tasty way to use up soup remains.  Of course much depends on the flavour of your leftover soup but here are some other ideas:

~   add to more soup!
~   use to deglaze a pan to make a sauce
~   use as a sauce!
~   put a spoonful of warmed leftover soup into a buttered ramekin, crack over an egg, drizzle with a little more soup or some cream and bake at 350ºF/180ºC/160°C fan/gas 4 till the egg whites are set and the yolk just perfect: approx 20 mins.
~   add to casseroles and pasta bakes
~   mash into potato
~   stir into mayonnaise - see here for all sorts of ways to flavour mayonnaise 
~ fry it! ...

Soup Fritters!

The most fabulously impressive thing I ever did with leftover soup was make fritters! For a several years (not all of them consecutive!!) I ran the kitchen of The Tamarind Club in Tortola and, as anyone who knows Tortola will understand, Sunday’s at the Tamarind Club are hugely busy and no time for mucking about. Well …

… we had a group of regulars who for several days had been verging on having a celebration, I can’t remember what. Suddenly just as we were serving the last brunch dishes and cleaning down they decided they needed a party with nibbles that very afternoon. So I added handfuls of fresh breadcrumbs to the last couple of portions of the Seafood Chowder, chilled it, balled it up and fried till crisp. People, as is typical of People I find, asked for the recipe. They only do this when it is almost impossible to give one.

leftover soup fritters
Several of these ideas are included in The Leftovers Handbook. If these are just some of the suggestions I can think of for leftover soup don't you wonder what ideas I have for the other 450 potential leftovers?

Here, apropos of nothing, is a picture of some lilies my Real Man brought home yesterday.  If you feel he can’t be that real-mannish buying flowers I would point out they were one helluva bargain!

a bowl of lilies

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Gigabiting said...

Of course a ball of anything with breadcrumbs fried till crisp will be delish. Great idea though.