Lovely Lunch from Leftovers ~ again!

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Turkey, Tomato & Coconut Curry
A Few Cashews
Naan Bread
White Wine Spritzer
Brandied Peach Ice Cream
Cornish Coffee

Pretty good lunch innit!  Last night my real men had their last roast turkey dinner from Christmas (its OK, I froze it in between) and I made myself a delicious and too big turkey curry.  I have a very quick and easy curry “recipe” which is ….

Quick and Easy Curry Sauce 

Serves one but if you can multiplication you'll be OK!

 good handful of cherry tomatoes - halved
1 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tsp of curry paste
1 sachet creamed coconut – coarsely chopped

~   Cook the tomatoes cut side down in the oil in a small covered pan over low heat till they collapse into the oil.
~   Add the curry paste and the coconut plus a splash of hot water and stir together till the coconut has melted and you have a sauce situation in the pan.  Add more hot water to achieve your ideal consistency.
~   Add what you like – I added turkey.  I’d have added fresh coriander too if I’d had any.

Anyhoo, I couldn’t eat it all so today I toasted a little naan bread from the freezer and made a sarnie.  I enjoyed it even more than last night which is saying something.

turkey and coconut curry naan

For lunch pudding we all had some ice cream that I’d made out of leftovers.  We recently bought an almost out of date brandied cream from Tesco for 25p and also had an open but hardly used can of peach slices in juice in the fridge so this is what I did …

Brandied Peach Ice Cream (from leftovers) – serves 3-4

peach and brandy ice cream

410g can of sliced peaches in fruit juice – drained
250ml extra thick cream with Courvoisier in it OR
250ml double cream and a tablespoon brandy
100g condensed milk

~   Purée the peaches.
~   Whisk the cream and brandy together till thick
~   Fold in the peaches and the condensed milk.
~   Freeze

NOTE:  if using extra thick cream it will go runny at first when whisked and it is easiest then to whisk in the condensed milk and keep whisking till thick again.  If using normal double cream and brandy follow the above instructions.

I make many, many ice creams using this simple method - see here for more ices using my easy no-churn ice cream method. 

Find more ideas and recipes for using up leftovers on my Pinterest Board

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