4 January 2012

"Live Well for Less" with an "Affordable Budget"!

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Sautéed Cauliflower with Roasted Garlic and Blue Cheese on Toast
Glass of Secret Red
Cornish Dark Coffee
Marzipan Cookies

I see that the Government is trying to convince people that they can eat well on an affordable budget and that Sainsbury’s are running a campaign entitled “Live Well for Less” an entirely admirable sentiment and something that is very close to my heart.  Much of this blog has been concerned with the delicious, creative AND economical use of leftovers (here’s a list of leftovers covered so far) – perhaps you've noticed!  I wish Sainsbury and the Government the best of luck in their endeavours.

My lunch today is, in fact, a humble example of using leftovers creatively.  When preparing the vegetables for last night’s dinner I couldn’t be bothered put the last few florets of cauli back into the fridge so cooked the lot.  I was thinking “cauliflower cheese” at the time but today decided instead to sauté the cooked cauliflower with roasted garlic and then stir in my new favourite blue cheese – Saint Agur.  Guess what?  It worked really well.  I added a generous dose of freshly ground black pepper and a couple of slices of toast and the meal ended up having a lot going for it being crunchy, creamy and nubbly, spicy and salty, hot and satisfying.  Also fairly good for me I think – fresh veggies, wholegrain toast, just a little cholesterol and a healthy swig of red wine.  Well done me.  Again.    

Of course there are lots of other ways to use Leftover Cauliflower
~   Add raw or just cooked florets to salad or use as crudités with a dip.
~   Toss in hot cheese sauce, sprinkle with more cheese and breadcrumbs and bake till hot, bubbling, crisp and golden. 
~   Toss hot just tender florets in vinaigrette and chill till needed.  Maybe wait till warmer weather for that one!
~   Reheat in a little cream with a grating of nutmeg.
~   Coat in batter and deep fry.

I can’t believe it is a whole year since I was going to lose weight using a cunning plan   I actually did quite well on the regime but then lapsed so I think I’ll have another go.  This being the case yesterday I ate very little; just dry toast and fat free coleslaw and water; that kind of thing.  I did however have some good coffee ...

A Christmas gift (thanks Carol) and just the sort of thing to make me feel like I’d actually partaken of something!  I had another one today with a marzipan cookie garnish - recipe here.

I have to keep my strength up, you know – tomorrow is another down day!

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debs said...

st agur is my favourite blue cheese as well!and i must say those maarzipan cookies look delish..when cauliflowers are cheap, i buy them to make soup...cream of cauli is lovely topped with a sprinkle of toasted walnuts and...some nubs of st agur!