9 January 2012

Easy Peasy Duck Rillettes

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Rillettes of Duck with Smoked Black Pepper & Cognac
(Bought in) Plum & Balsamic Chutney
Nubbly Bread
Glass of Red
Pear & Ginger Sorbet

I have done myself proud with leftovers today.

With the scraps of a most delicious roast duck I made me some rillettes,  comme ├ža:

Easy Peasy Duck Rillettes

approx 60g cooked duck meat
approx 60g duck fat
½ tbsp brandy
salt and pepper
a smidge of garlic
maybe a little finely grated orange zest – up to you!

~   Cook the duck meat in the fat very, very gently for quite a long while, 45-60 minutes plus, till meltingly tender.
~   Shred the meat into the fat.
~   Add the cognac, taste and season.
~   Put the whole lot in a little dish, pushing the meat under the surface of the fat.
~   Chill till needed.

Supposedly this keeps very well as the fat seals the dish and also, apparently, it is better after a couple of days wait as this helps the flavours meld.  I have tested neither of these suppositions.

We have had a tin of pears hanging about the place for a while so today I thought I ought to deal with it so made …

Pear & Ginger Sorbet

~   Strain the pears (drink the juice with some fizzy water).
~   Coarsely chop the pears and partially freeze.  Actually I wholly froze and had to partially defrost!
~   Run through the food processor with a spoonful of syrup from the Stem Ginger jar till smooth.
~   Freeze (again).

Hint, hinty, hint hint ...

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... I cut and pasted that from Twitter.

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