2 April 2012

What to do with Leftover Leftovers!

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Boursin filled Smoked Garlic & Butternut “Quasi-Arancini”
Roasted Tomato & Chilli Sauce
Glass of Secret Red
A few Amaretti

A few days ago I cooked a traditional roast chicken dinner, as one, for the men in my life.  I like roast chicken too but have taken to eating mine with spicy roasted butternut squash; the sweet heat of which goes so well with the tender chicken and the salty gravy.  Of course in my enthusiasm I cooked too much squash.

Last night I made a simple risotto with red wine and veg stock and stirred in the leftover squash together with a little smoked garlic which I had brought the Cake~Hole.  Can you guess which one I chose?

I couldn't eat all the risotto either so for lunch today I made a cake of the leftovers into the middle of which I inserted a ball of Boursin.  I coated the risotto cake in flour and fried it hot and crispy.  I served this to myself with a spoonful of leftover roasted tomato and chilli sauce and the last few salad leaves from the fridge.

"Wullla" as the Americans say!

How to make Risotto

There are numerous recipes all over the place for risotto, I just made it up as I went along and it worked fine.  Here are some basic guidelines. 

~   Finely chop some onion (I used red) and cook till tender in a little oil or butter.  Add finely chopped garlic if you like and cook a few minutes more.
~   Add risotto rice (I used 125g Arborio which is enough for about 1¼ people and explains why I couldn’t quite eat it all) and stir it around to coat with the buttery oily goo.  Cook a few minutes till a little translucent.
~   Meanwhile, as they say, have ready some simmering stock.
~   When the rice has been cooking a few minutes add a splash of wine.  Some people say the wine should be warm so as not to “shock” the rice but it has to take it chances with me.
~   Cook, stirring constantly, till the wine has been absorbed.
~   Add a ladle of hot stock and continue to cook, stir, absorb, add a little more etc. till the rice is just tender with a little bite in the middle (al dente) and is coated in a creamy and unctuous goo.
~   Stir in your chosen additions and flavouring also perhaps a knob of butter or some cream or cream cheese.  A good dose of grated Parmesan is almost a must.
~   Eat immediately with some of this.

If you are cooking for four whole people you need about 400g risotto rice and 1¼ ltrs of liquid including the wine; adjust accordingly

Yesterday I was pleased!

I’ll tell you why.  We live in Clay Country ie. the china clay mining area of Cornwall and the village we live in is dominated by a large industrial area (and I do mean large).  However yesterday in lovely sunshine we discovered that a footpath leads from just up the road to this …

... this ...

... and this ...

... and that this path ...

… leads to a plateau from which we could see both the north and the south Cornish coats and also the heights of Bodmin Moor. 

Not bad at all matey!  So I am pleased because we miss the north coast and are glad to have somewhere pretty to walk conveniently nearby.  All we need now is a dog!

Credit goes to Imerys, who own this land, mine the china clay and do such a good job with beautifying the land after using it.  

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Jenny Eatwell said...

That almost-arancini is inspired. I'll have to get hubby to make more risotto than we need, on purpose, in future! lol The colour of that water is just impossible! How amazing! Love the countryside around where you are - you could always borrow one of our dogs, they'd love a gambol around there, I'm sure! lol

debs said...

wow!that is so pretty!almost a bit caribbean like!you will have to tell me how to get there!x

Choclette said...

Looks lovely, where is it?

Suzy - suzybowler@hotmail.com said...

Well it's near St. Austell, there is a footpath leads from Nanpean. It's Imerys' land so I suppose the water colour is something to do with mining.