My Leftovers Cookbook

never waste a good eating opportunity

I wrote this book out of sheer irritation!

Seeing so much food waste, so much delicious food being thrown away, I decided to tell people what to do with it, so to speak!

​My primary goal was, and is, to teach people to enjoy their leftover food, that this also saves money, avoids waste and even helps the planet is good too!

What do I mean by Leftovers?

For the purposes of this book the term ‘leftovers’ covers a variety of situations which are:

~ Genuine leftovers; either the tail end of a made up dish or the last few scraps of ingredient which are surplus to the requirements of a recipe.
~ By-products of cooking for instance a Parmesan rind or potato skins.
~ Something forgotten lurking in the back of the cupboard such as a tablespoon of marmalade or half a packet of peanuts.
~ Too much of something having been over enthusiastic when picking blackberries or due to two for one offers.
~ A very small amount of something you wish you had more of e.g. two squares of chocolate and four friends
~ Accidents – for instance what to do with the result of having sat on a packet of biscuits.
~ Collections – it is a good idea, when you have just a little of something left, to group together similar scraps and leftovers e.g. meats, seafood, bread) in the fridge or freezer, as appropriate, and add to them till you have enough to make something delicious.

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Reviews of Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers

This book isn't just useful, it's very funny, interesting and educational, and I'm ashamed to say I have been reading it at bedtime while gnawing on tarted up scraps. 

​ An inspirational encyclopedia of ingredients. Written in an intelligent witty way, it inspires not just how to rejuvenate your leftover meals, but also gives fresh, new and interesting ideas for all the contents of your store cupboard and fridge to create delicious dishes. 

​ A great book, I reference it quite a bit, down to earth advice from an experienced chef and food writer. Eliminating food waste, a noble cause me thinks! 

​ So many innovative and original ideas that I am really inspired ... many that I would never have come up with myself and all light years away from the many dreary left-overs ideas such as the ubiquitous turkey curry. Excellent. Worth every penny. 
​I wish I'd had a copy of this book ten years ago! it would have saved me heaps of rotten potatoes and onions! (buy your own copy!) ...written with a quirky sense of humour, which I love, this book is very informative and useful and has ideas, hints and tips I would never have thought of. 

​ An absolutely fantastic ingredient and recipe book of left overs. It makes you realise how much you can do with left over food, and the recipes I have done already have been extremely tasty. 

This book by Suzy Bowler will be my go to book on my shelf when I have left over food, and not sure what to do with it. In a throw away society, this book makes you realise that we could all be doing more with food than just wasting what we have left over. 

​ This book saves on many levels – money saving, waste saving, taste saving, stress saving, bin saving. Savings all round in fact. Written with dashes of humour and pithy comment this book is a fabulous guide to avoiding food waste. 

This fabulous book is full of things I never knew I wanted to make. No more secret shame throwing food away. It is really easy to look up an ingredient, follow the clear instructions and make something lovely. Everyone should have a copy of this book to help them save money and eat well. 

​ I bought this book because I have been following her blog Sudden Lunch. Very readable and witty. Extremely useful and lots of nice ideas I never would have thought of, I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

​ I’m really enjoying reading this book. It's not just a guide to "what to do with your leftovers" but is a fun and informative read. It's had me laughing on several occasions, thus feeding the soul as well as filling the stomach. It's packed full of useful tips and ideas and covers an astonishing array of foodstuffs.

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