3 January 2011

New Year Resolutions DO NOT start till tomorrow.

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Leek & Watercress Soup
White Wine Spritzer

Am I or am I not correct in thinking that New Year Resolutions don’t strictly apply till after all the bank holidays?  I hope I am because I got up (OK it was 11.30 am) all inspired to eat healthily and was at first pleased at having missed breakfast.  Unfortunately a few minutes later I had chunk of Christmas Cake with brandy enhanced coffee for Late Elevensies.  Bugger!

I then did some fridge sorting out and found I had a bag of watercress, hardly used …

… so made some healthy soup and had that for late lunch.   

Leek and Watercress Soup

1 large leek – thinly sliced and well cleaned
1 tbsp olive oil
1 medium potato
vegetable stock
2 handfuls of fresh, clean watercress

~ Heat the olive oil and toss together with the leeks till they are coated.
~ Turn down the heat, cover the onions completely with a pieces of foil, pressing down onto the surface of the leeks.
~ Put a lid on the pan and cook very gently till they are completely and utterly tender and are starting to caramelise a little.
~ Peel and slice the potato and add to the onions.
~ Add enough stock to just cover the potatoes, bring to the boil, turn down the heat, put on the lid, (throw away the piece of foil or recycle it or something) and simmer till the potatoes are tender. 
~  Run through a food processor or liquidizer together with the watercress (maybe saving back a few leaves to garnish)
~ Taste and season.

The soup looks out of focus in every picture I take!

Unfortunately this was followed by an Affogato.

Affogato is simply a modicum of ice cream (flavour of your choice) with a shot of espresso poured over, sometimes enhanced with a little spirit and often sprinkled with crumbled Amaretti.  I made mine with my homemade Double Vanilla Ice Cream, Low Calorie Black Coffee and a wincy bit of brandy.  I crumbled over an unwanted biscuit from the bottom of the seasonal festive tin. 

Tomorrow I start on my Cunning Plan.  Honest.

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Phil in the Kitchen said...

Christmas cake doesn't count - it's just avoiding waste by using up leftovers. Thanks for reminding me that it was still a bank holiday today - I've lost track. Happy new year.

Suzy - SuddenLunch said...

That's very reassuring. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too.