6 December 2015

Christmas Food Quiz – with some Really Useful Answers!

Hello and I'm so sorry I haven't written for a while.  I've no idea why, I just seem to have been busy.  I am planning to write about parsnips soon – I know, fascinating – but in the meantime here is a little Christmas Quiz I devised. 

Questions ...

1.   Which alcoholic drink (a perfect accompaniment to Christmas pud, incidentally) may have formed a crust called beeswing?

2.   Moose Milk – which of these is NOT Moose Milk

a)  A hot rum drink
b)  Liquid that comes out of a mummy moose’s nipples
c)  Ice cream with rum and Kahlua

3   What can be added to brandy to make Christmas Pud burn even more spectacularly?

4.  Which fruit is sometimes known as bounceberry?

5.  In which classic 19th century book were a poor family served

"ice cream – actually two dishes of it, pink and white – and cake and fruit and distracting French bonbons"?

6.  What Christmas food should only be eaten between and including Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night? (Tell that to Tesco!)

7.   Which fruit will keep  Christmas cake moist if stored alongside the cake?

8.   Which spice is traditionally used to flavour Bread Sauce?

9.   What was formed into the shape of a “husband” and baked in the hope of attracting the real thing?

10.   Senior Wrangler Sauce is a traditional Christmas sauce at Cambridge University, is it …

a)      Bread Sauce
     b)     Cranberry Sauce
     c)      Brandy Butter
     d)     Custard

11.  Which traditional Christmas food can be traced back to a cookbook written in Roman times?

12.  The Old Norse phrase "ves heill" evolved into which tradition and beverage in Britain?

One Last Question ...

Here is another question, not particularly Christmassy but I really want to know.

What is it with Oreos?

When I lived abroad I tried these a couple of times and was unimpressed and now here they are in the UK when we have so many much better biscuits available.  In fact and American friend of mine who owns a supermarket, when visiting us was very, very impressed with our selection of biscuits (and lots of other things – butters, creams, cheese, jams etc.)

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versavisa said...

Love the quiz and I'm keeping it for Christmas Day.

Yes, what is it with Oreos? Pleased to see them in the shops after hearing a lot about them but eugh - give me a good Bourbon or Custard Cream any day.

Love the blog - let's have more please.


Margaret Lyall said...

Same here in Australia - I don't get why Oreo's have become so popular - I think it's more a case of advertising. We do have really good biscuits here, but not generally from the supermarket any more, they seem to be using cheaper ingredients and the flavours have changed a lot over the years.

I really enjoy your blog - you take a lot of the nonsense out of food and I love the way you don't waste anything. Thanks for the quiz and have a great Christmas.