Ideas for Black Pudding in Addition to the Underarm Throw!


As you are no doubt aware this Sunday sees the exciting World Black Pudding Throwing Championships take place outside the The Oaks Pub in Ramsbottom from 12pm. 

Contestants must lob three ‘competition standard’ (6oz) puddings underarm in an attempt to dislodge Yorkshire puddings that have been stacked on a 20 foot high (20 feet!) plinth! It is apparently a ‘celebration’ of the longstanding rivalry between Yorkshire & Lancashire. 


If you are unable to make it to Ramsbottom this year or your black pudding is not up competition standard, here are ...

14 Delicious Ideas for Black Pudding

Serve Black Pudding as part of a fry-up, obviously.


Black Pudding Salad

Sauté crumbled or chopped pieces in a little oil till crisp and black (I don’t often say that!) and toss in a salad. Add a poached egg  if you feel like it.

Potatoes & Black Pudding

Add crumbled black pudding to potato cakes or bubble ‘n’ squeak or mashed potato or scalloped potatoes, etc.

Black Pudding Fritters 

Dip diced or sliced black pudding in your choice of coating from those listed here and deep fry. They'd be good served with apple sauce to dip them in.

Black Pudding Stuffing

Add to homemade (or bought in, I suppose) stuffing – homemade stuffing recipe.  This is particularly good with chicken and pork, of course.

Pork & Black Pudding Burger

Mix black pudding with ground pork and make a tasty pork burger - here are instructions for making beef burgers, take it from there!

Scotch Eggs

Add black pudding to sausage meat when making Scotch Eggs, which are made thus – wrap cold hard boiled eggs (peeled of course!) in 70g-80g seasoned sausage meat per egg, making sure there are no gaps. Roll in beaten egg and then fresh breadcrumbs. Deep fry till crisp and golden.  

Sausage & Black Pudding Rolls

Just mix some black pudding into the sausagemeat when making sausage rolls.

Stir through baked beans.

Toad in the Hole

Add black pudding to the sausages or replace the sausages with it in Toad in the Hole - although this does rather force the situation between two natural enemies.

Sauté Black Pudding with Mushrooms and serve on toast.

Black Pudding Pizza! 

See here for a great easy pizza dough recipe plus suggestions. The Finan Crispy Pizza in that post would be good with added black pudding or perhaps make a Black Puddng and Apple Pizza! 

 Add Black Pudding to Kedgeree 

See my kedgeree recipe here and add some crumbled black pudding.

Eggs Benedict Variation

Substitute black pudding for the traditional Canadian bacon or ham and call it either Eggs Bury or Eggs Stornoway ...

Bury vs Stornoway

Apparently there is an ongoing heated discussion between Lancashire and Scotland as to the origin of true black pudding.  The version made in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis has been has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication by the The European Commission. It is known  as “marag dubh” and I understand that it is smoother than the Lancashire version so will give it a try next time I am in Scotland.

In view of this rivalry I feel it would be inappropriate to lob a Stornoway Black Pudding at ... anything, really.

Have a Look Inside

In Other News ...

You may have noticed that the weather has very much improved in the last few days. This is because I have now published my soup cookbook, Soup (almost) the only recipe you'll ever need, just when no-one needs soup!

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SarahC said...

Would also highly recommend Eat Like A Girl (Niamh Shields) "Spaghetti Corkese" using black pudding with oven roasted tomatoes to make a pasta sauce. Easily adaptable and delicious. I love black pudding, would never dream of hurling one down a hill!