12 January 2014

Food for Love ~ a new ebook wot I have written!

Just a quick post – rather busy!

Ever since I started writing my father in law (who passed on 18 months ago … but see here for a picture of him in his magnificent youth!) said that I shouldn't waste my time writing about food, I should write about sex as that it what sells.  I have very slightly taken his advice and written a short ebook on aphrodisiacs …

I did a fair bit of research (or “sitting on the settee” as my real man calls it) to come up with what seem to be the 17 most-likely-to-be-aphrodisiac foods and have given some background on each one, some ideas of what to do with them and a little bit about their nutritional benefits and a mention of other, seemingly lesser, aphrodisiacs. I have also included a few rather suggestive food photos (sadly I couldn't muster one for all 17 foods), some rude comments and some double entendres.

In Other News …

~   If you'd like a Free Book (of course you would!) then my "219 Cooking Tips & Techniques" is free here and includes another free book offer inside!

~   I seem to have gone up in the world quite considerably …

~   My next post will be from far far away – we are off to the Caribbean, where we used to live, to sell our boat and sort out all the stuff we left there! I am both looking forward to it (especially to see my friends) and not, I think I will be sad but warm!

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Caterers in Indore said...

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Sue said...

Another book wot you have rote!!

My you are getting soooo prolific.

I have mentioned your old ones wot you have ritten long ago (gosh spell check hates this) on my Blog today, you are coming to my aid in so many ways.

Enjoy the sun and the break, I'm not jealous honest ...

green with envy
Sue xx