28 June 2013

How Two Leftovers Converge into Lunch

I have just eaten (as I start writing) a rather splendid and sudden lunch - it went like this ...

1.   I had, outrageously for me, roast rack of lamb for dinner the other day - delicious but I couldn't eat it all
2.   Real man's lunch for the past couple of days has been ham and pease pudding but the pudding outlasted the ham so ...
3.   I made myself some pease pudding curry which I also couldn't eat all of, so ..
4.   I made dal roti.
5.   I filled it with the thinly sliced leftover lamb which I cunningly laid onto the flatbread whilst the second side was cooking, just to warm through slightly
6.   I slid the finished, lamb topped roti onto a plate, added a little salad and Greek yogurt, folded it in half and took a picture.
7.   I then ate it and patted myself on the back - not choking, just congratulating myself.
As we sat down for lunch I proudly exhibited my meal to my darling at which he commented "I have absolutely no idea what that is!" and tucked into his sausage sarnie. 

Which reminds me of an odd handy tip; if you slice a sausage diagonally it will go farther when filling a sandwich.  I know mathematically this doesn't work out but it does culinarily. The picture below is of 2 sausages on a stottie and, as readers from Up North will verify, a stottie is fairly large, about 7" or 180mm across.

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1 comment:

Sue said...

What a good tip, that definitely looks like more than 2 sausages. I'll pinch that one to fool my man :-)