7 April 2013

My Inner Womble!

The 'flu bug I had ages ago affected my appetite, my energy to cook and therefore the amount of leftovers I had for some considerable time.  The last few days, however, I feel that me and my inner womble are back on form.

Yesterday's Lunch ....

Pease Pudding Curry
Sparkling Water

Pease Pudding Curry (Geordie-Indian Sub Continent Fusion) was quick, easy and delicious.  One of my storecupboard staples is Patak's Madras Curry Paste.  I cooked half an onion favourite way and, when it was soft and starting to caramelise, I stirred in a teaspoonful of said curry.  Once that started to smell so delicious that my Real Man asked "pooh, what that stink?" I stirred in the leftover pease pudding (the amount you see in the picture) and a little leftover ham stock to soften it a bit. 

Today's Lunch ...

Boursin Stuffed, Panko Crusted Potato Cake
White Wine Spritzer

This just came about because I only had two large potatoes left last night when cooking mashed potatoes for dinner.  One was too small, two was too much.  Today I mixed a dollop of roasted garlic mayonnaise into the leftover mash, wrapped it round the very last bit of Boursin (garlic and herb) in the packet, rolled it in panko crumbs (lots more to do with panko crumbs here) fried and ate it. 

Both my lunches were truly delicious, both were made out of leftovers and both were decided on the spur of the moment.  Madame Cholet would be proud of me!

Wombles, as you know, can't abide human wastefulness but they do appreciate the good food scraps that our specie throw away because the burrow's cook, Madame Cholet pictured above, is a dab hand at making great meals out of leftovers.  Unfortunately, however, a large percentage of the human race don't live near Wimbledon which is where, hopefully, this blog come in useful.  For more info on Mme. Cholet see here. 

In other news ...

As I posted on my other blog here I have only just met my real book in the flesh!  What a strange feeling it is to read a book by me!  

Here's a picture of it relaxing on my kitchen shelf (where I can easily glance over at it and grin) ... 

If you do fancy buying a copy there is a handy Amazon in the sidebar - I think they are the cheapest at the moment (and probably for all time!)

Oh, and by the way would you like ...

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Sue said...

Seems we're all wombling happily away at the moment :-)

I love your book 'relaxing' on the shelf, so casually placed. I think if I had had a book published there would be copies relaxing all over the house :-)

Well done again.

Jenny Eatwell said...

I am aghast at your supposedly "real man" remarking "pooh, what's that stink?" where curry is concerned! Doesn't he realise that real men eat curry? Real geordie men, too - or at least that's what my geordie man tells me. ;)

I had never thought of you as Madame Cholet before today. Now, however, you shall be Madame Cholet in my mind until the end of time. How fitting! LOL :)

Oh and while I'm here, I'll just congratulate you again on your fab book. You deserve it!