17 February 2013

Ice Cream for Breakfast!

I have found writing a cooking book to be a little fattening - the combination of having to "test" recipes by eating the results and sitting on my bottom all day has had a spreading effect.  Luckily I have found the perfect antidote - proofreading.  I was on what, to me at least, seemed a tight deadline so forgot to eat and burnt off extra calories by stomping about a lot and talking to myself  Slightly more info here.

So having sent the proofs off yesterday I had a rather luxurious and celebratory (albeit unseasonal) breakfast this morning - homemade Blueberry Ice Cream (recipe in my very bargainaceous ebook) with granola. 

Because of this I then ate a simple lunch ...

~  Menu  ~

Italian Herb Cornish Gouda on Toast
A small bowl of dipping soup
Glass of Red

You may remember I wrote about CornishGouda earlier in the month - lovely stuff and as I mentioned the Italian Herb variety is particularly good toasted.  I had a modicum-ette of spicy tomato and bean soup leftover from last night so used this to dip my cheese on toast.  All very satisfying. 

In other news ...

I have just started reading a book called "Gull Rock" which is set in Trebarwith Strand. The writing is good, the story captivating but what makes this book extra special for me is that I lived in Trebarwith Strand for 14 years reading it is as if someone had written a story set in my own home; all very familiar, nostalgic and lovely.  Any old Strandies out there might want a look at it - available on Kindle here.

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