17 December 2012

Geordie~Italian Fusion Pizza

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Ham and Pease Pud Pizza
Sparkling Water
(tho' should have been Newcastle brown or a cuppa)
Marzipan Trimmings

Today for a minute or so I was at a complete loss for an interesting lunch so decided to sort out the fridge a bit and see if I could be inspired.  I was, almost immediately.

I took out the almost obligatory ham and pease pudding and behind it was half a pizza base (I have to admit to cheating here - if I am only having pizza for myself I buy roasted garlic flatbread from Tesco, cut it in half and this makes two dinner pizzas for me) and inspiration struck; a traditional Geordie pizza. I spread the base with pease pudding, topped it with sliced ham, baked till crisp and served it with a green salad all drizzled with balsamic glaze.  This was so very much deliciouser than I was expecting!

Almost every week I cook my real, and Geordie, man a ham and make pease pudding with the stock, for details of how to do it see here, it's very easy and worthwhile!

Whilst my pizza was cooking I marzipanned our Christmas Cake and then after eating the pizza I sat down with a cup of coffee and a few marzipan scraps. 

After a little while I went into the kitchen for more marzipan scraps and on my third or fourth visit for more I decided to gather all the scraps (that were left) and keep them to make Chewy Marzipan Cookies - see here for the recipe, I don't think you'll regret it!

The ice cream shown in the picture sandwiching the cookies together was, of course, made in accordance to my super easy recipe which my eBook "Lush Ice Cream without a Machine"  is all about - in this case it was, obviously, Cherry Ice Cream!

In Other News

We have primroses flowering in our garden!  This is extra surprising considering the damage that slugs have done to the plants as you can see from the picture.  How brave they are! 

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debs said...

pease pudding or mushy peas are also very nice in a hot roast pork sandwich with apple sauce as well!maybe its a northern thing!x

Jenny Eatwell said...

I may be incapable of speech owing to over-salivation at the idea of a) pease pudding & ham pizza; b) marzipan scraps; c) those cookies and d) those cookies with that ice cream.

I only just managed to wipe my chin in time to appreciate your little primroses doing their very best there. It's so lovely to see flowers struggling through the horrid weather. :)