28 August 2012

See you later Tom!

On a personal note …

… I apologise for not having posted for a while – we have been having a sad time because my Real Man’s Dad who lives with us died about a week ago.  So as a tribute to him and because I know he was proud of it, here is a picture of him in his prime half a century ago – 6’4” of man!

See you later Tom x

The days have been a bit strange and disjointed and sometimes I have even been at a loss for what to eat but today I have eaten two interesting things so I thought I'd mention them before I forget …

Fudge on Toast

This was a sudden inspiration when I found a bit of Granny Wobbly’s Finest in the fridge – what a naughty breakfast but so yummy!

Balsamic Jelly

The trouble is we haven’t done a proper shop for a while and I found myself bereft of spicy onion marmalade to go with my Cornish Crackler.  I did, however, find a jar of Baxter’s Balsamic Jelly – what a godsend.  I had completely forgotten buying it but there is was in my hour of need and I would like to recommend it.

Lovely stuff, so now I need to think of something more creative to do with it - any ideas?

So that’s it for now, I hope to be back on form with the leftovers soon.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

Oh Suzy, I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss. Tom was obviously a fine figure of a man - and I'm sure he has left a huge hole in your family.

My thoughts go out to you all.

s said...

Thanks Jenny x

purplestormwitch said...

RIP tom,,,what a brilliant photo!he had a good life god bless x

purplestormwitch said...

and i'm not sure that fudge on toast is acceptable!bt then again comfort food...!x