25 July 2012

A Gorgeous Summery Lunch made entirely of Leftovers!

~  Menu  ~

Lovely Summery Soup
White Wine Spritzer
½ a Pastry Thing with Clotted Cream & Fresh Fruit

This lovely summery meal was made entirely of leftovers most of which a lesser woman than I may well have thrown away!  They comprised:

~   A few stalks of asparagus (I’d eaten the tips)
~   Some really old baby leeks that we bought cheap as they were out of date about a month ago (seriously!) which were fine after I pulled off the outer leaves.
~   A mislaid mystery potato which my friend Jenny from Jenny Eatwell's Rhubarb & Ginger thinks is an Apache Potato and I think she is right.
~   Some leftover peas from last night’s dinner.
~   Ham stock after cooking a ham – obviously!
~   The stale end crust off my real man’s loaf of bread (yes we eat different breads most of the time too!)
~   A pastry trimming which I cooked alongside my manly man’s pie for dinner but had no particular plans for it.
~   The last one of my doughnut peaches.
~   Half a punnet of blueberries I stuck in the freezer the other day as I couldn’t think what to do with them. When I thawed them this morning were all mushy and wet.
~   Two days out of date clotted cream.

Even the wine was the very end of a bottle.

Some specifics …

Summery Soup

~   I coarsely chopped the leeks and cooked them as I would onions – see here
~   When they were buttery tender I peeled and sliced the potato and added it to the leeks.
~   I poured enough ham stock to just cover the potato, brought to a boil, turned down the heat, covered and simmered till almost tender.
~   Coarsely chopped the asparagus (discarding the woody ends) and added to the soup for the last few minutes of cooking.
~   When all was tender I mashed it with my grumpy potato masher and then stirred in the peas and enough cream to make a soupy consistency.

I have written an entire ebook of soups using this simple method, from Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Cheese Soup to Cullen Skink to Caribbean Callaloo, 50 recipes plus a bonus one! Also included are instructions for stock making, guidance on adding herbs, spices and other flavourings plus additional recipes for roasted garlic, pepper coulis, frazzled leeks, compound butters and other garnishes and accoutrements.

The idea is that by using the "genius", or at least very clever, recipe and the helpful suggestions in the book you will soon be serving your own spectacular creations.

Croutons – see here for my Crouton Philosophy, in this case I left out the balsamic vinegar.

Lunch Pudding

After making my real man his second pie of the week (!) I had just a small square of leftover, (and yes – bought in) puff pastry so I bunged it in the oven alongside the pie.  No skin off my nose after all!  It has been sitting around for a couple of days and came in handy as a vehicle for my leftover fruits.  The blueberries were terribly mushy so I cooked them with a spoonful of sugar till they burst and then strained them through a nylon sieve.  The peach was just a peach.  The clotted cream tasted fine when I stuck my finger in it.  I am not a great adherent of best before dates except where raw meat is concerned.  And just look at this …

… not bad for Leftovers!  The reason I only had half is that this is the sort of food we both like.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

That soup is the food of the gods so far as I am concerned. I currently have two leeks sitting doing nothing in the fridge and soup is at the top of my mind - but it's just too hot to make it, even if I then cool it and have chilled soup! I suppose they'll wait - anyway, I've gone off eating right now, unless it's a chilled prawn accompanied by some lamb's lettuce. LOL

Jenny Eatwell said...

Oh and by the way - thank you for the mention. :D

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

You're welcome as heck, Jenny!

Katerina said...

You did an amazing work with leftovers! Delightful soup! Thanks for coming and linking up at The Weekend Social. All posts get pinned in our pinterest board! Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on culinaryflavors.gr ! I hope to see you there!