Delia's Christmas Cake and Leftover Brandy!

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Sautéed Smoked Haddock & New Potatoes sautéed in 
Black Pepper & Brandy Butter
Glass of Chardonnay
Some Ecuadorean Chocky

I have done a strange thing, for me – cooked from a recipe!

My real man is very keen on homemade Christmas cake, especially at Christmas, and I had intended to make one on Stir Up Sunday, the last Sunday in November (not, as my lovely neighbour thought, last Monday!!)  My computer having committed suicide a couple of months ago, however, I was unable to find my normal recipe so I did what any self respecting Briton would do – turned to Delia.  See here for details.  

Christmas cake ready for the oven

The only alteration I made was I used Clementine zest instead of orange because that’s what I had available.  We bought 20 for 18p the other day! 


The cake took over 5 hours to cook during which time the kitchen was warm and smelt gorgeous.  The cooked cake looks a bit dark in a good way and smells delicious and the bowl scrapings were lovely.  I shall feed this cake’s bottom with brandy every few days and report back at Christmas.

Leftover Brandy!

The cake recipe called for 5 tablespoons of brandy after which, in my old bottle (I have another, don't worry), was a wincy “leftover”.  You will be proud of me – I didn’t swig in down!  No, what I did was made Black Pepper & Brandy Butter (you know; coarsely ground black pepper and a little sea salt worked into soft butter with a little brandy ~ see here for lots of flavoured butter ideas and information).  What a surprise!  And then, even more surprising, I sautéed some leftover potatoes in it and added some smoked haddock!  That was my yummy lunch – but I didn’t take a picture because it was too dark and I’m no good (yet) at photos in artificial light.

I did, however, take a photo of my lunch pudding …

A few squares of the item to the left which has that almost alcoholic taste peculiar to good dark chocolate.  I bought it in Lidl; they sell a whole gamut of plantation chocolates by J.D. Gross – see here for their site, which is in German but can be translated - and if this is the quality of their products I intend trying the lot.  They range from Noumea chocolate from Papua New Guinea at 35% cocoa to an 80% cocoa bar from Tembadoro, Trinidad.   Get yourselves to Lidl's, or Germany! 

For what to do with leftover port see here and for lots of ideas for leftover wine see here!

I am very keen on using up leftover food and drink - see lots more of my ideas on my Pinterest board ...

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debs said...

i am so pleased you like Lidls chocolate!i have been liking it for years and no one beleived me when i said how good it is!