Maple Sugar Toast, Cinnamon Toast & Other Delicious Variations

~  Breakfast Menu ~

3 slices of Maple Toast
A Good Strong Coffee

When I was last in Tortola my dear friend, Mrs. Gweenie the Canadian, gave me some Maple Sugar to play with. If you like maple syrup, and surely you must, then you'll love maple sugar.  Apart from spooning it straight out of the box and eating it I had my first real play today.

It is a well known fact that Cinnamon Toast is both yummy and easy ...  

Cinnamon Toast

Just grill sliced bread on both sides till golden, generously butter the toast right out to the edges and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar (ground cinnamon to sugar in the ratio 1:3 or to taste) then pop back under the grill till bubbling and smelling delicious. 

In my time I have also experimented with ...

~  Vanilla Toast with vanilla sugar (which is made by leaving a vanilla pod in a container of sugar for a week or two - see here for lots info of on lovely vanilla

~  Mocha Toast add ½ tsp cocoa and ¼ tsp crushed coffee granules to 2 tbsp sugar

~  Salted Caramel Toast - use plain sugar on the buttered toast, caramelise under the grill and then (food fashionista or what!) sprinkle with a little crunchy sea salt.

Today I made Maple Toast, obviously …

I just wanted to share that with you, it wasn't lunch but it was sudden. 

Incidentally Padstow woods are looking particularly dingly at the moment …


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Kristina Vanni said...

Love the idea of using maple sugar! I am obsessed with anything maple flavored and I had never thought of using it in this way!