28 March 2011

How to make Lovely Rich Creamy and Easy Alfredo Sauce

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Spicy Chicken Goo on Toast
White Wine
A few Squares of Lindt Chilli Choc

Last night, as behooves a good daughter-in-law (even just a common law one like me) I cooked a full on roast chicken dinner with homemade stuffing and my own luxurious version of traditional Bread Sauce.  I fed my chaps well and, not being much of a trencherwoman, had just a modicum of chicken with salad for my dinner

We often buy a bloomin’ huge chicken at Tesco for ₤6 and make all sorts of things out of it.  The day after the roast and after I have removed all the leftover good solid meat from the carcass and set it aside (to use a culinary term) I put the remnants in a large pot and add some cold water but, here’s the thing; not a lot - maybe an inch or so.  I bring the water and chicken to a boil, cover the pan, turn down the heat and cook gently for 15-20 minutes turning the chicken once.  This makes all the rest of the meat fall off the bone without overcooking it and also flavours the stock quite strongly as there isn’t much of it.

Today I have been dealing with the remains of our roast thus …

~   Chicken sandwiches for lunch for the men
~   Chicken Goo on Toast for me
~   Chicken broth leading on to …
~   Chicken & Mushroom Alfredo

Whilst I was separating and sorting the chicken I had quite a few small scrappy pieces of meat which I could easily have added to the soup or the Alfredo but I decided to make myself a delicious well deserved lunch, hence the goo mentioned above.  Simply finely chopped chicken mixed with mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce and coarsely chopped spring onions, spread on toast and bunged under the grill. 


So - not much of a recipe there but perhaps a useful idea. 

To make up for being so slack here is my recipe for Alfredo Sauce which is quick and easy, rich and delicious on pasta just as it is or excellent with leftover cooked chicken and perhaps some sautéed mushrooms stirred in too. 

Easy Alfredo Sauce

This very quick and very easy recipe makes a truly luscious sauce which can be the basis of many a yummy pasta dish and a lot of other dishes too, in fact it really qualifies as one of my genius recipes!   

200ml double cream
15g butter
50g freshly grated Parmesan plus more for sprinkling
salt and pepper to taste - I myself, personally, would be heavy on the pepper

~   Gently heat the butter and the cream together, stirring, till the butter has melted into the cream.
~   Add the 50g  of shredded Parmesan and stir in till melted.
~   Slowly bring to a gentle boil, immediately turn down the heat and simmer, still stirring quite a lot but only for a minute or so, maybe less, till you have a smooth creamy sauce.  


This quantity makes enough to coat 225g (raw weight) pasta which is enough for 2 people and is completely delicious with no further additions other than a sprinkling of a little more Parmesan.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

I'll often keep the "little taggy ends" (as they're known) of the chicken for inclusion in Ramen noodles for my lunch. It makes a change from just leftover veggies - and finding a little piece of chicken hiding in the noodles is like getting a little reward. LOL

Suzy - SuddenLunch said...

Especially if you forget you've put them there! Tee hee.