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I recently updated my book 219 Cooking Tips & Techniques, more than doubling the original number of tips. Obviously I had to change the name and took the opportunity to update the whole of the cover too - if you were kind enough to vote on the choices, this was the winner.

It is now available in paperback as well as for kindle; ebooks are very convenient but I do think a hard copy is better in the case of reference books.

This is the new edition, containing over 500 useful tips and suggestions. I am, however, pretty sure I shall keep thinking of things I should have included so, rather than keep on republishing, I am just going to put them here, below the picture!

More Tips ...

~   When preparing artichokes ALWAYS use a stainless-steel knife and a stainless-steel pan. Iron or aluminum will blacken them. Similarly never let aluminium foil come in contact with artichokes.
~   With the exception of perishables don’t wait till you run out of something before you stock up.
~   If topping a pizza with minced beef lightly fry the meat first and drain off excess fat; this will stop you getting a soggy bottom.

~   To test if a pineapple is ripe, gently pull out one of its leaves.  If you succeed, it is ripe.

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