How to Cope with a Glut of Apples

Bramleys are the best cooking apples

I have a slight glut of apples which is particularly edifying when one considers that I don’t have an apple tree! I do however have a generous friend. The apples she’s given me are Bramleys; lovely cooking apples with the useful advantage of being self-puréeing, so an obvious thing to do with too many is make …

preparing apples to make apple sauce

Apple Sauce

This is so easy I don’t think it can actually be called a recipe.

~  Peel and slice Bramley apples.
~  Taste a bit and then sweeten with as much sugar as you see fit. If you’ve no idea then add just a little and adjust with more sugar when the apples are cooked!
~  Put into a large pan with a tablespoon of water. This helps them get started but that’s all you need; too much and the sauce will be runny.
~  Put over a medium heat, cover and cook, stirring every few minutes till you have apple sauce! Taste and stir more sugar as necessary. 

If you have made loads freeze some, it freezes really well and ice cubes are a good idea so that you can thaw just what you need, or add a cube or two to soups and sauces.  Or here are some more ideas for leftover or too much apple sauce ...

15 Ideas for “leftover” Apple Sauce 

1.   Freeze as ice lollies!
3.   Stir into pork gravy or add to pork braises or stews.
4.   Fold into mashed potato to serve with ham, pork or  bacon.
5.   Add to pumpkin or other squash soups – delicious!
6.   Spread into bacon, ham or pork sarnies.
7.   Spread on the toast before the cheese when making  Cheese on Toast.
8.   Mix into mayonnaise – this makes a great dressing for  coleslaw.
9.   Add to braised red cabbage.
10. Make little apple tarts or turnovers with leftover pastry scraps.
11.  Use instead of jam to fill a Vicky Sponge, scones and  similar.
13.  Apple Crumble Sundae – layer up apple sauce and  leftover crumble (or Apple Crumble) with ice cream.
14.  Stir into yogurt or porridge for breakfast.
15.  Dollop into rice pudding
16.  “They do say” that fat in baked goods can be replaced  by apple sauce but I’ve not tried it myself. There is  plenty of info on the web though so have yourself a  look!

15 ways to use apple sauce
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Non-Bramley Type Apples

There are, of course, a lot of these around now as well so I’d just like to mention a lovely recipe I posted earlier.

Apple dappy recipe

Devonshire Apple Dappy

When I posted this I had the most visits to my blog ever and was very confused. Read here for the Apple Dappy recipe and here for a surprising (to me at least) explanation of its popularity

And this which I don’t think I've mentioned here before and which my sister and I concocted years and years ago when we were baby chefs …

Cornish Apple Cribbly

This is a superb way of using up leftover bread and apples at the same time. 

~  Peel and dice an apple and toss with sugar to coat.
~  Have ready about the same quantity of similarly diced stale or leftover bread (and in this case white bread is probably best).
~  Melt a knob of butter and cook the sugary apple in it till it is softening and browning and oozing lovely caramelly juices.
~  Use a slotted to spoon to remove the apple from the pan and set aside.
~  Add the diced bread to the pan and cook till the juices have been absorbed and the bread is turning crisp and golden.
~  Return the apple, toss all together and serve immediately with ice cream or cream, preferably of the clotted persuasion.

Several of these ideas are included in my book, Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers.  If these are just some of the suggestions I can think of for Bramley apples don't you wonder what ideas I have for the other 450 potential leftovers?

best leftovers cookbook ever!
Great preview here.

A couple of Reviews of Creative Ways to Use Up Leftovers ...

“Helps you create tasty loveliness from almost every possible leftover foodstuff you could think of (and possibly some that you couldn't....)”
“Cookery books are really very boring, but this one definitely isn't!”  

Always bear in mind, however …

apple pie quote by Caarl Sagan


Wendy Percival said...

We add a blob of stewed apples on top of the blob of yogurt which is on top of the bowl of cornflakes... for breakfast. .. if you follow that... Sound a bit confusing!

Sarah said...

Those are some great ideas for applesauce. I really like the idea of apple sauce + mayo for coleslaw. And in cheese on toast - genius! Thanks for the ideas.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I spent yesterday stewing apples which my teenage children love.
After coming to your site via Frugal Queen I have just bought your book on Kindle. Pity I am on a Fast Day today. Can't wait to start cooking up the leftovers.

Unknown said...

What great ideas. I have a tendency to make too much and then end up wasting it as I'm not sure what to do with it so I'll be trying some of these.

Thanks for joining in with #FoodYearLinkup

Vicki Montague said...

I love the ideas! All of them look and sound delicious. Well done!