19 January 2011

The Miracle of Coleslaw

Sorry I’ve been such a slacker, blog-wise, recently.

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More of my homemade bread
A Curiously Wicked Chocolate Item

I am now trying to eat everything in place preparatory to our leaving the country.  Actually I exaggerate; not everything, just the things that are not worth leaving for my Father in Law.  So today I had quite a selection of cheese scraps (soft, hard, creamy, blue, white, herbed, not sure, etc.) so I ate some of these together with the last of my homemade bread – see last post, yes I froze some - and a bowl of coleslaw. 

Isn’t coleslaw lovely, by the way, almost a miracle. Even at its most basic, just shredded cabbage, onion and mayonnaise it is very moreish.   It is also quick, cheap, easy, healthy and if you use light mayonnaise (and personally, so far as Hellman’s is concerned, I can taste very little or perhaps no difference) not too fattening either.  So, finding myself in possession of a surplus to requirements cabbage I made myself some …

Very Basic Coleslaw Recipe – serves 4 as a side dish

12 oz tightly formed cabbage
1 medium sized onion
2-3 tbsp mayonnaise

~ Finely shred or chop the cabbage.
~ Similarly cut the onion and add to the cabbage.
~ Add the mayonnaise and stir and toss all together till everything is coated with mayo.

To this I added carrot for colour, some thinly sliced red onion and ground black pepper of course.  It is delicious with a spoonful or so of whole grain mustard stirred in which adds both taste and texture but I don’t have any just now.

Another thing I didn’t add which makes a lot of difference is apple. I prefer to use Granny Smiths for what my love interest calls their “grippiness” but either choose the apple that suits you best – or the one you’ve got waiting to be used up. I normally grate the apple with its skin still on and then I toss the grated apple with the juice of half a lemon which leads to a surprising treat for the cook. Squeeze the shredded apple to extract the lemon juice BUT squeeze it over a glass. Add the apple to the basic coleslaw recipe and then add sparkling water to the appley-lemony juice and enjoy a refreshing drink, because you’re worth it!

So that was lunch today.

I went to Tynemouth market on Saturday and hit lucky because there was a farmers/food market there as well.  I bought some wild venison shanks which are braising even as I blog, some homemade ginger “wine”, not real wine but frightfully good, (also 2 books and an ankle bracelet) and I saw a lady in a splendid hat.

At a stall selling Curiously Wicked confections I bought a large roundish knobbly gold sprinkled thing which I had for lunch pudding today.  It was a kind of enormous truffle with blueberries in it and had a welcome chilli afterburn.  I think I'll try their stuff again!

That evening having had no lunch I finished off the last of my phurejas – sautéed alongside some haddock and served with green chilli mayonnaise (just Hellman’s Light again with a bit of Patak’s Chilli Pickle – one of my favourite store cupboard basics) stirred in.  I just mention this as I want to show you how crispy they, the phurejas, are when sautéed.

Also, whilst off subject, I heard a pretty young woman say on the ‘phone “Oooh my favourite colour – beige” as if she really meant it!

I hope you will bear with me if I blog rather sporadically over the next few days, or perhaps weeks depending on the internet connection in the islands.  Thank you!

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ally watkins said...

hi Suzy
here is a great recipe for coleslaw we use daily in the deli
white cabbage fennel bulb and carrot we then ad golden raisins cranberries walnuts hazel nuts and Brazils. this is all blended with fresh Greek yoghurt. the yoghurt and the fennel lift the coleslaw to a very clean taste on the pallet while the nuts and fruit add a crunch and a sweet twist. come in and grab a pot and see for your self

Peter Thomos said...

wow what a great recipe,thanks for sharing it!!
Dried Country Vegetables