29 October 2013

The Ladies Book of Baking ~ a Review

Years ago I read in Jeffrey Steingarten’s book “The Man who Ate Everything" about food writers being inundated with free stuff to review and thought “That’s the life for me” but when I started blogging and writing I had completely forgotten that possible side effect. Occasionally, however, I am sent something to review such as the excellent vanilla products I wrote about recently and now this very pretty book!

The Ladies Book of Baking ~ a collection of Elegant Recipes 

I think by its cover which, I don’t know if you can tell in the photo, has lots of glitter that it is certainly aimed at Ladies and not the David Walliams kind!

It is a hardback book with over 50 recipes for the sort of stuff that makes you say …

“Well I shouldn’t but … go on then!”

At first to be frank, and I think one must be when reviewing something, I thought the book was a bit girly for me and also that I probably knew it all!  As I was doing my initial flick, however, I apparently made various approving squeaks and such like which made my real man comment that I seemed to like it after all and I do!

The recipes that immediately appealed to me include …
~   Honey Walnut & Ricotta Pies   ~  Warm Spiced Apple Cupcakes  ~
~   Pear & Chocolate Squares  ~  Molten Chocolate Cupcakes  ~
~   Salted Caramel Pies   ~
… but then I always like something a little bit different.  There are plenty of classics too such as Melting Moments, Viennese Fingers, Chocolate Éclairs and Madeleines.

In addition to recipes and tempting photos by Sian Irvine and Henry Sparrow the book includes useful hints and guidelines such as how to make the perfect cup of tea, ideas and suggestions for a successful party, presentation ideas and templates for invitations, gift tags, etc.

If you enjoy entertaining (or pigging out) I think you will love everything in the book and it would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who like to bake and entertain. The only problem with it is the arm of my chair is now covered with glitter which I find quite attractive but my real man doesn’t!

The Ladies Book of Baking was compiled by the Love Food Editors at Parragon Books, published in May of this year and is available from Amazon here.  Find out more about Love Food and download goodies here  

In other news …

You may recall that recently I received the unusual compliment of being No. 11 in Cisions Top Ten UK Food Bloggers List.  Well now they have interviewed me for their Speedy Spotlight feature which you can read here.  I’m afraid I look rather serious in the photo as it was all I could lay my hands on at the time. It was taken in the South of France by a friend and I used her copy.  This is how I look when not stuffing my face although, of course, it doesn’t do me justice!

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Sue said...

Although the recipes sound good, I'm afraid my aversion to glitter means I won't be buying this book.

I hate the stuff with a vengeance it just makes me itch.

Love the interview ... and the non-face-stuffing photo :-)

Sarah said...

Congrats on being named to the Cision list! I have an aversion to books with padded covers. Ottolenghi's recent cookbook has a padded cover and that is the only reason I haven't bought it. Will you try out any of the recipes that stuck out at you?

Suzy Bowler said...

I'll probably cook from it sometime. maybe over Christmas - but no edible glitter on whatever I cook!