10 October 2013

"Flavours" ~ a Review

Yesterday in the post I received, among other things (see bottom of this post) a new cookbook which I actually won in a competition. Yippee!

As you can see it is written by Anita-Clare Field whose fascinating website can be found here.

There is so very much I like and agree with about this book. Right at the start Anita-Clare she says that the fact there are no pictures in her book is deliberate. There are none in mine either and like her I feel that lovely professional photos of food arranged by a food stylist can do more to daunt people than help them.  

I also very much like her selection of recipes – lovely stuff some of which, being an adventurous foodie (sorry, I know some people don't like this word!) I am already familiar with and recommend, and many I shall be trying out asap.

The book is divided into 6 chapters:

  1. Soupe Dragon - 9 delicious recipes and an entirely appropriate dedication to the Soup Dragon.  I find this particularly moving as I feel it is similar to my own affinity with Mme Cholet of the Wombles.
  2. Cold Comfort Classics – which we will all need soon enough. Sausage and Cannellini Bean Hot Pot, Beef in Beer Stew and St. Stephen’s Day Pie for instance.
  3. Heaven Preserve Us – probably my favourite chapter particularly in regard to the Quick Fig Chutney and the Garlic Pickle.
  4. World Flavours – from Perfect Pizza to Salt and Pepper Chilli Squid.
  5. Meat Free Mondays – I am not much of a meat eater and the Caramelised Leek Risotto sounds wonderful. I shall be making this very soon, though it may not be on a Monday, and will report back.
  6. Store Cupboard – lots of good things to make and keep to give your cooking a boost in the future. I immediately checked out the Jerk Marinade due to my Caribbean connections and it looks good to me.
The book is written in a lovely chatty style with reference to her Mummy (I always called my mother Mummy so I like that), her cat Orlando Henry Field, her beloved partner (I am inordinately fond of my real man so I like that too) and, with anecdotes and asides aplenty, reading it is a pleasure.

I utterly recommend this book and I’m not just saying it!   I’m off to Amazon right now to give it five stars here.

In other news …

Apart from this lovely book – look what else arrived on our door mat …

… a load of rubbish! Do we really need to use up so many resources just to irritate people?

I have a good idea ... well I like it!  Come back tomorrow to read all about it.

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