3 March 2013

One Weird Old Tip!

I have finally found the answer - using this one weird old tip I have lost 1lb a day for the past week! I bet you want to know the secret of my success which, incidentally has also saved us money.  Well read down, it's not complicated.

It's also rather disappointing, sorry! 

I've had the 'flu - nothing special; not man flu or bird flu or West Indian flu (which I am told by West Indians can be particularly bad) just the usual sort of thing but it's probably as valid as any of the other ways suggested by these sort of adverts, plus  its free.

I've slept an inordinate amount of time, couldn't be bothered to do anything at all (even think) and haven't eaten anything even though my real man bought some of my favourite chocolate to try and tempt me.  As a result I am now thin(ner), knackered and am coughing like a ... thing that coughs a lot.

I hope to be back to blogging normality very soon.

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cumbrian said...

Pleased I'm not the only one who's had it, i'm still coughing after 3 weeks.

Tracy Williams said...

Oh, flu is wretched. Hope you're on the mend!

Sue said...

Snap I'm still at it, also coughing like a thing that coughs a lot!!

I had it weeks ago and then it pretended to go away after leaving me with a sore throat, as soon as my sore throat got better and I could actually talk to people instead of squeaking or growling at them the cough came back, now it is the sort of cough that wakes me up on the hour every hour and gives me a headache during the day.

I'm even telling myself to shut up!!

I lost 5lbs too, but as soon as I felt a bit better I rather stupidly treated myself to some rather yummy things to celebrate feeling better and now I've put 6lbs on....hey ho :-)