22 January 2013

Knife Skills

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 Potato, Spring Onion and Chorizo Pizza
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The first tip in my little eBooklet (see sidebar) is a bit of a cop out in a way; "learn some knife skills".  A cop out because I don't say how to learn them however I recommend watching this on youtube. Being able to use a knife safely, quickly and effectively in the kitchen is a HUGE help. (The rest of the tips are not cop outs, I promise!)

I used to show off by thinly slicing a carrot, onion, potato or similar whilst holding the gaze of the person I was showing off to, i.e. not looking at what I was doing at all!  I can't do it now of course - there's never anyone around when I'm cooking.

Here is a picture of some I did earlier  ...

Thinly sliced potatoes were crucial when making my sudden inspiration for lunch as the raw potato had to cook through in the time the pizza took to cook. 

The pizza was constructed thus ...

~   I coarsely chopped bunch of spring onions (7p as it happens) cooked gently in a little olive oil, in accordance with my favourite method till tender and then mashed up a bit.
~   I very thinly sliced a couple of new potatoes and turned them in the oniony oil together with a fair bit of black pepper.
~   I spread the oniony potatoes over the pizza base and carefully arranged them in a single layer.
~   Scattered with a tiny piece of chorizo I found in the back of the fridge, coarsely chopped.
~   Sprinkled with Cornish Crackler - a king among Cheddars.
~   Baked till the pizza was crisp and flaky and the potato tender.
~   Sprinkled with sea salt.
~   Grinned.

I admit that I sometimes cheat, I buy Tesco Italian Stonebaked Garlic Pizza Bread cut them in half and keep them in the freezer to feed my pizza habit.  I can and do make my own bases but when its just for me these deliciously flaky crunchy breads work very well.  They are thickly spread with garlic butter and I usually wipe most of this off to allow the flavours of my toppings to shine through. 

For my last pizza inspiration using this as a base see here

In other news ...

We bought an orchid the other day, including the "handmade glass vase"  reduced from £10 to £1 - no idea why but who cares!

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