4 December 2012

My eBook goes Live - also Free for a couple of Days

I am excited to say that my eBook "Lush Ice Cream without a Machine" is now available on Amazon and today and tomorrow it is FREE so can you do me a favour, please?  Download the book here, give it a read and, if you would be so kind, review it on Amazon.  I hope you like it.  Lots more details about the book can be seen here.

To be honest this has taken some time to come to fruition.  You may remember some while ago I was eating a lot of ice cream and writing about a simple ice cream recipe I used in the Caribbean to develop all sorts of yummy ice creams and dessert.  As you know life is not easy out there and in all that warm sunshine ice cream is a necessity.

As I got more involved in writing my other book abut leftovers which is now, happily,  with the publishers and due to be published at the end of March, the ice cream writing was put to one side.

A few months ago I won a Kindle.  Until then I hadn't really fancied one but now I have it I am so delighted.  Not only is it a really comfortable way to read, a great way to store books and excellent when travelling it also opened my eyes to eBooks; both reading them and their potential as a way to publish some of my own work. I had another look at my ice cream manuscript and decided to give this new fangled technology a try.   

In Other News ...

We are back in Cornwall and its good to be home.

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Jenny Eatwell said...

Well done you! I have downloaded, will read and review, as requested. :)

Suzy - Sudden Lunch said...

Thanks Jenny, I hope you like it.

Virginia Allain said...

I love my Kindle so much, I'm thinking of getting a 3rd one. I'd keep all my cookbooks on one and store it in the kitchen. The other nonfiction would be on a 2nd one and my fiction reading on a 3rd. The ones I have are getting seriously overloaded and hard to find what I want on there.