16 August 2011

Salt and Pepper - not back to basics!

~ Menu ~

Peppered Steak Salad
Glass of Red
Vanilla Ice Cream & Fresh Strawberry Sauce

We had steak for dinner last night; my real men had steak and chips whilst I had half my steak as Bulgogi. I kept my other half for lunch today as I had a cunning plan – good old Peppered Steak Salad, with a twist.

I realise that to many people Peppered Steak Salad my not be “good old” but it’s something I’ve been cooking for 20 or 30 years now, originally devised to use up steak trimmings (similar to leftovers!) it became so popular people tended to order it even if it wasn't on the menu!

Peppered Steak Salad

Steak trimmings cut across the grain into strips about 5mm thick
Freshly ground or cracked pepper
A little olive oil
Salad leaves.
Double Cream

~ Cut the steak across the grain into strip about 5mm thick.
~ Toss salad leaves in a little vinaigrette to coat.
~ Season the steak with a little salt and then with plenty of black pepper as this will be a dominant flavour in the finished dish.
~ Sear the steak in a hot pan which will be enough to cook it so set the steak aside whilst finishing the sauce.
~ Add 1 tbsp or so of brandy to the pan (carefully and if using gas do this away from the flame) and then about 50ml of cream and simmer for a minute or so till thick.
~ Arrange the steak on the salad and pour over the sauce.

I haven’t eaten this for quite a while as it was getting a bit samey for me but I have to say it was delicious. The twist was I used smoked pepper which I got in Nature’ Kitchen in St. Austell (the place I’ve been banging on about for a while now!). It added an extra nuance of flavour that would also go really well with bacon, blue cheese, smoked haddock etc. I rather fancy making smoked black pepper butter for topping steak or perhaps tossing with new potatoes. How say you?

Nature Kitchen sells an inspiring range of salts and peppers.
The salts have also got me thinking.  I have always liked to sprinkle a little crunchy sea salt onto pie crusts (savoury ones mainly) before baking – how about some Sage & Onion Salt on chicken pie or Tomato & Olive Salt on the edge of pizza crust?. Similarly a scattering of coarse salt can really lift a salad.  Speaking of which …

Whilst in Nature Kitchen I also picked up a tad of lemon pepper and have just had haddock rubbed with said pepper (it is quite tumericky – turmeric not only tastes good, incidentally, it has some amazing healthy benefits), baked with asparagus and served with a dollop of roasted garlic mayonnaise, new (ish) potatoes and a little salad suitably sprinkled with lemon salt.  I love eating!

The other day I bought a lot of strawberries to go in my Rumpot but sadly some of them were a bit mushy so I made an emergency ice cream ~ using my quick, easy, faff-free, egg free, real dairy ice cream without a machine method.  I had too much strawberry purée to go into the cream so I did three things:

  1. Swirled some more through the ice cream to make Strawberry Ripple,
  2. Froze a little as ice cubes,
  3. Ate the last little bit on top of vanilla ice cream. 
Simple Strawberry Ice Cream

500 g fresh strawberries
250 g sugar
500 ml double cream
200 g condensed milk

~   Mash or purée strawberries together with the sugar.
~   Whip the cream till thick and fold in the condensed milk.
~   Fold in the fruit sauce – if you have more sauce than needed do one of the above.
~   Freeze.

Here's one I ate earlier - the weather here's crap now!
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