11 November 2010

More 'fings at elBulli!

~ Menu ~

Roasted Butternut & Chili Pizza
Glass of Shiraz
A dish of sugared raspberries

I love thin and crispy pizzas so I normally use about a quarter to a third of the dough for me and the rest to make a ‘deep dish” pizza, preferably with a lot of meat on it, for my man so, basically, this is enough for two 12" pizzas - ish.

My Simple Pizza Dough

1 pkt easy dried yeast
225 ml warm water
1 tsp sugar1 tbsp olive oil
approx 325 g flour
scant ½ tsp salt

~ Stir together in a large bowl the water and the sugar till the sugar has dissolved.
~ Set aside in a draught free place for 10 minutes or so till the yeast has started eating the sugar and become bubbly.
~ Meanwhile, as they say, prepare a second large bowl by greasing it with olive oil and also grease 2 pizze trays.
~ Stir the flour into the yeast mixture, adding it gradually, till you have a sticky but stir able goo. Sprinkle over the salt and stir it briskly with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes – give it hell.
~ Add more flour until you have a soft dough then knead for a few minutes.
~ Form the dough into a soft ball and put it into the greased bowl, turn the dough to coat with oil, cover loosely with a clean cloth or put a clean plastic bag over it and stand in a warm place until the dough has doubled in size.
~ Knock the dough back and knead in the oil clinging to it. Divide between 2 greased baking trays in the ratio you think best.
~ Top with whatever you fancy and bake at 450˚ till crisp and golden and wonderful.

My normal topping is a simple tomato sauce and then roasted vegetables (sweet pepper, red onion, aubergine, maybe courgettes, garlic and a few chili flakes), halved cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese and fresh basil if I have any.

Today, however, I had half a butternut squash to use up so I diced it and tossed in olive oil with a few chili flakes, salt and pepper. I also sliced a small red onion and tossed that with olive oil, salt and pepper. I roasted the veggies in a hot oven but I kept them separate which was lucky as the onion were ready quite a while before the squash. When it was time for lunch I brushed the pizza base with oil from my store cupboard roasted garlic and topped it with the squash and onions and some crumbled Feta. Fresh out the oven with a handful of salad leaves in a Classic Garlic Vinaigrette and I was a, what is it? – a happy bunny or something like that.

Tesco helpfully sold us 125 g of fresh raspberries for 30p (they’re very good to us) which made a lovely light end to the meal.

I have been looking at “A Day at elBulli” by Ferran AdriĆ , a book about the strange, inspired, impractical food he serves at his restaurant in Spain. I haven’t been reading it much as it’s mainly pictures - wonderful “out there” ideas though! He offers a tasting menu of between 28 and 35 dishes; I love a tasting menu - my favourite way to eat. The last little dishes served at the end of the evening he calls “Morphings” which really surprised my friend Carol more than I felt the word warranted. It turns out she thought he was serving More ‘Fings which, I suppose, he was.

The picture at the top of this post is, of course, to honour Remembrance Day; this is more like Cornwall at the moment …

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